Vibronics Pvt. Ltd.

Rabale, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra

Vibronics Pvt. Ltd., was established in he year 1964 and since then till date it is delivering the society with high end cleaning solutions like Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems, Flaw Detector sand Cleaning Chemicals and Cleaning Detergents. The ultrasonic cleaning process is an effect created by the action of sound waves at high frequency, introduced into liquid cleaning medium.

This Aqueous or ultrasonic cleaning process uses water as its main solvent and has synthetic detergents and surfactants combined with special additives such as builders, pH buffers, inhibitors, saponifiers etc. It also utilizes the synergetic effects and offers multiple degrees of freedom in concentration and blending. We ably supply our product range to various parts of the country as well as abroad in competitive prices.


Vibronics Pvt. Ltd.Vibronics Pvt. Ltd.

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